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LearningFair, An ultimate visual learning content and interactive activities for Kindergarten and Primary School students. Every lessons and educational activities are produced in consultation with professional teachers and educationalists in such a way that kids can understand the concepts clearly. The lessons and activities interacts with children through knowledgeable information and judges their performance with interactive tasks. These educational episodes also incorporate an easily understandable voice teaching which takes children into the details of the content.

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Insetfair.com is one of the most fascinating image libraries in the world where images ranging from the ordinary graphics to the most intriguing vector illustrations, animations and audio files are portrayed in a very pleasant way. Insetfair provides high quality vector illustration, flash graphics & animation, psd graphics, photographs and audio clips for all tastes.


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Arulprasath founded Insetfair.com in 2010 with thousands of his own creative works in graphics, animation and audio. His vision is to construct a gallery of mass quality creative works which will help millions of creators all over the world to easily create beautiful products and designs. Since then, Insetfair.com has grown into a portfolio of vector graphics, pixel graphics, flash graphics/animation and audio clips around the world with all the creative and editorial assets needed.

The resources found at Insetfair.com are unlike any found with other developers and this is a dynamic library which will be increasing its index over time.

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